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First wave of players announced !!!

The HBHA is proud to annouce the first list of players that will represent Greece in the 2017 World Championships which will take place between June 1-11 2017 in Pardubice Czech Republlic.

The HBHA coaches and committee would like to once again thank all the participants who showed passion , intensity and competitiveness. Our program continues to grow year after year and the skill and depth of these players makes our selections increasingly difficult, which is a true testament of the development of these players within our system.

The list of players below represents only the first wave of players, we intend on selecting a total of 2 goalies, 8 defenseman and 14 forwards. The final players will be selected within the next 8 weeks. We strongly encourage those not selected to stay positive, keep working hard, get fit and make it easy for us to select you. Good luck !



John Vrettis



Danny Novis

Joey Barbas

John Adamou

Spiro Goulakos

Mike Pinios



George Nistas

Josh Barbas

Nicholas Pitsikoulis

Mario Argiris

Tasso Bozinakis

Michael Barbas

Stevie Alvo

Peter Karvouniaris

Jesse Barbas



Masters Recap 2016 Banff



Tough Start…Strong Finish – 2016 ISBHF World Masters recap

From June 1st to June 5th the HBHA sent its Masters team to compete against 13 other teams in the mens division in the 4th edition of the ISBHF World Masters Championship. The tournament took place in Banff, AB which was quite a spectacular setting and was mostly run first class, outside of some complaints about the quality of the web feed back home. The competition was fierce with many decorated former world champions representing their different countries and the speed of the game amongst the top teams was definitely at a Premier or Tier 1 level. Team Greece was in tough in our group joining the last two tournament winners Slovakia and Team Canada along with newcomer Italy.

Game 1 – Team Greece 3 vs Slovakia 4

The first game pitted us against Slovakia and it was a very rough start with the Slovaks capitalizing on a nervous squad going up 2-0 in the first 45 seconds and 3-0 in the first period. The Greek team didn’t give up and a late first period goal by Terry Koutlis put the team on the board and set up a wild finish to the last two periods. Despite the Greeks taking over most of the second period the only goal came from the Slovaks to go up 4-1. In the third this scrappy Greek Team continued its strong play and came up with two more goals by George Vouloumanos and Tommy “T-Bone” Baltzis to make it 4-3. This was as close as it would get though despite a strong finish.

Game 2 – Team Greece 0 vs Team Canada 3

We knew we were in tough against defending champs Team Canada in the second game matching up against many former regional, national and international Tier 1 players. Despite the apparent mismatch on paper the solid goaltending of Kosta Stavriadis gave enough confidence to the team to keep pace with Team Canada. Canada went up 1-0 in the first period but got it into penalty trouble late. The Greeks began the second period on a 5-3 power play which despite a few excellent chances couldn’t capitalize. The rest of the way the Greeks couldn’t get that timely goal they needed and eventually Canada added two more goals to put the game out of reach. Despite the loss the Greeks felt confident in their improving play.

Game 3 – Team Greece 2 vs Italy 3

This was the game that the team had marked on the calendar as a must win in order to advance to play in the medal rounds. The game lived up to the hype, it was a quality and close game throughout and the best game the Greeks played so far. Learning from the previous two games the Greeks struck first on a blast from Patrick Lapointe “Tanos” early in the first period following some strong fore-check work by Louis Hondronicolas who would have two assists in the game. The Greeks went in to the dressing room up 1-0 but a second period meltdown allowed the Italians to take the lead 2-1 including some disagreeing between players on our bench. The veteran Alkie Zisidis put his ego aside and removed his jersey to stand behind the bench in an effort to settle down the team which was playing a very good game overall. Terry Koutlis tied the score in the third and momentum seemed to be pushing the Greeks way with many chances to go ahead in the game. With just over a minute remaining some miscommunication on a line change occurred which allowed an Italian player to be open near the face-off circle and despite an effort to dive into the way a near perfect shot won the game for the Italians. It was a heartbreak loss especially later learning that the Italians would finish 3rd overall in the tournament.

Game 4 – Team Greece 2 vs Canada West 1 OT

Despite not qualifying for the medal rounds the Greeks had an opportunity to finish as high as 8th in the 13 team tournament with solid play. The Greeks played a strong game however were only able to get one goal in regulation from Terry Koutlis past the Canadian goaltender and had solid goaltending of their own from Chris Vafiadis. With their goaltender pulled the Canadians attacked hard and despite the referee apparently blowing his whistle to stop play accepted a goal with 1.8 seconds left. Instead of the team folding and despite an overtime penalty George Vouloumanos went to work short-handed and used his speed to beat the opposing player to the ball and to send a perfect feed to Patrick Lapointe ‘’Tanos’’ who finished the play for the victory.

Game 5 – Team Greece 3 vs Czech Republic 2

With their first victory behind them, the Greeks could now set their sights on finishing in the 8th spot with another victory. The Greeks came out strong and used goals by veterans Jim Papastergiou and Greg Malagenas to build a 2-0 lead after the second period.  The Czechs made a strong push in the third and tied the game 2-2. John ‘’watermelon splash’’ Bolonakis went to work on the power play and put the Greeks ahead for good. This was a proud moment as it was the first ever victory in an international ball hockey competition versus a Czech team at any level.

 Game 6 – Team Greece 3 vs USA DC 1

Looking for revenge following two losses to DC in the previous tournament two years ago the Greeks went to work early despite having to play its second game on the final day and 6th in 5 days. The Greeks got goals from Patrick Lapointe ‘’Tanos’’, Tony Angellis and John Bolanakis to build a commanding lead. A late third period goal from DC and some penalty trouble tightened up the game yet the Greeks held on for the victory

Overall it was a disappointing result to not play for a medal however the Greeks made the most of the opportunity in the seeding tournament by winning three straight games. Knowing at the end that the teams in the same division finished Canada (2nd), Italy (3rd), Slovakia (7th), Greece (8th) we found out that we had the deepest toughest division. Still the proud team wonders what kind of result could have occurred with a few better bounces during the Italy or Slovakia games. This tournament is becoming stronger and stronger and with this in mind the HBHA would like to bring an even stronger team to this tournament in 2 years. There will be some announcements in this regard over the next few months as we attempt to use the full 2 years to prepare for the next tournament which will likely take place in Europe.

On behalf of all the players we would like to say ευχαριστώ to captain John Kontitsis for his efforts in organizing the team and allowing all players who participated to have lasting memories.

Please see list the list of players below:

Sotirakos, Terry

Tzimopoulos, Constantinos

Stavropoulos, Spiros

Malagenas, Greg

Mavros, Stephen

Bolonakis, John

Zisidis, Alkiviadis

Vouloumanos, George

Angellis, Antonio

Baltzis, Athanasios

Hondronicolas, Louis

Papastergiou, Jim Dimitrios

Tenny, Koutlis

Anastopoulos, Saki

Theodorakopoulos Stavros

Kosta Stavriadis (G)

Chris Vafriadis (G)

Barbas, Paul (A)

Lapointe Tanos, Patrick (A)

Kontitsis, John (C)

Scott Dunbar – Athletic trainer