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HBHA Masters team wins Montreal Championship !

Many of the players above will represent the HBHA Masters team at the upcoming ISBHF Masters World Championships in Bermuda Sept 26-30th. This is the premier world ball hockey tournament for players 37+ years old.

In preparation for the tournament the team completed in a summer league where many younger teams play. Some of which compete at the Mens ISBHF World Championhships such as Team Haiti and Team Armenia.  

After a good season the team won the championship last night in dramatic fashion!

What a game, what a win !

Below is a re-cap from coach Peter Chiotis , as well as a summary from the league (


The night of September 12 will never be forgotten. We joined PTM league after a disappointing season in the MBHL. We thought it was better to regroup on a surface we were familiar to regain our confidence. It wasn’t gonna be easy, we joined a tough league with young teams that can give us some good competition. We entered the season playing good hockey losing twice to the Punishers who only lost one game this season. They beat us 3 times during the regular season not allowing us to score more than 2 goals in each game. They are young, very fast and very skillful with many players from the Greek Men’s Hockey team in the likes of Peter and Manny Arkalis, Peter Karvouriaris and Kosta Kakivelis. We finished only second to the Punishers with a 7-5 record considering 3 losses came from them. Entering the playoffs we knew it wasn’t gonna be easy against a team that was fast and gave us a hard time in the regular season, the Fat Cats. We were down 2-0 in the second game and we knew we needed a spark and it all began with Mike Pollolos to start our journey. We scored two more to make it 3-2 but with 45 sec left, the Fat Cats pulling their goalie, they fired a perfect shot and beat Costa Stavriadis to tie the game and force us to a decisive game. But with seconds left John Bolonakis put a dagger to the Cats and brought us to the finals. The Punishers scored 13 goals in two games to eliminate their opponent and we knew we needed to be strong in our Defensive zone and we also needed our goalies to make the saves! The night before the game, I met coach Costa Zafiropoulos, the captain John Kontitsis and assistant captain George Vouloumanos and we discussed strategies. 


      On the day of our final, we all showed up early and put a plan to defeat this monster of a team that can fire goals from all cylinders. We had to come with a plan to eliminate their speed and play the trap. Nothing worked as the game began and they scored 4 goals to defeat us easily 4-1. We didn’t have a bad game but we didn’t execute and we didn’t play the game we planned and wanted. Having our backs against the wall, we made a few changes on the lineup including our goaltending. Eric Parent started game 1, deserving the start because his play was incredible during the season. Game 2 the net belonged to Costa Stavriadis who was prepared and knowing Costa in the past, he always prevailed in difficult situations. We knew we had to put it all on the line or else we were done. We came out like men possessed. It wasn’t the team from game 1. They had no solution for our speed and determination. We were playing rough and we got lots of penalties but our penalty kill was flawless. The line of Jimmy Pantelis, John Bolonakis and Pat Lapointe were on a tear. We ended the game scoring 5 goals and we won 5-1. The Punishers only lost once in the season so now they were not in familiar territory. We knew we shocked them and having the momentum we had to play the same way in the mini game of 15 minutes. We came out hard again and again we got in penalty trouble. The Punishers converted on the powerplay with 8 min left. 8 minutes for a veteran team is a lifetime of hockey and we knew that the game is not finished until the last second. We get another penalty with 6 min left. We needed our PK to get a big kill, and maybe with 4 min left we can take it to overtime. Stefano Govas, Tasso Bozinakis, Peter Karrigiannis and George Vouloumanos gave them no space to execute. Stavriadis being a wall all night making saves after saves gave us a chance. While the Punishers were on the powerplay and had the chance to pull away, Tasso Bozinakis strips the ball off Carl Gingras who was a force all season, goes on a breakaway short-handed and on his own rebound scores his biggest goal of the season tying the game with less than 5 min to play. That goal totally deflated the Punishers and they new in overtime it can go either way. 


     The overtime began and it didn’t take long when Tony Angelis rapped the ball around the boards to his defensive partner Andrew Stamiris who took off on the right side and fired the golden goal to end all hopes of the Punishers and bring new hopes to HBHA Masters team who’s heading to Bermuda for the Worlds in just a few weeks. John Kontitsis, Andrew Stamiris and Kirk Koutsogiannopoulos detained the two-headed beast and that gave us hope to beat this highly skilled and fast club! The place erupted while we all jumped on Andrew and Costa. We all hugged each other congratulating our efforts and show the brotherly love we have for the team and the flag. As much as it was a shock to most of us, we somehow knew that if we gave an effort and stuck to the plan, we had a hope. As I always do before a game, I always pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to help us win so first and foremost I want to thank him for helping us win cause I’m sure he had something to do with that. I want to thank my coach Costa Zafiropoulos for helping me with all the line changes and the plans of each games. Special thanks to George Lallis who was there for us all season and played so little in the playoffs. Not once did he complain or say anything. Last, I want to thank the boys who gave 100% all season, who believed in themselves that when u put the effort, all is possible. We are champions, but our quest is not over yet! 


      Hopefully, our team will have a similar success in Bermuda! One thing is certain, that we will try to be successful and we will do our ultimate to come back home with some hardware. Our goal is to make everyone proud and represent our country with dignity and determination. With Hellas on our chests and God in our hearts, all is possible!



                                    Coach “Icon”

                                    Peter Chiotis



Wednesday September 12( D Final)

(4)Punishers vs HBHA Masters 37+(1) Game 1

HBHA Masters no match for Punishers in game 1

Now that the Punishers reached this stage of the season, their goal was quite clear for what they were playing for.  This statement result might have been to themselves more than the HBHA Masters, who will be searching for answers heading into game two. The Punishers looked calm and in control, confident knowing that they were the better of the two sides. After carrying a 2-1 lead into the final fifteen minutes of play, A.Dayan secured the first chapter by posting two big goals. While everything went fine for the Punishers, the HBHA Masters looked sluggish and out of sync. Their chances were few and far between. The first time they found the back of the net came very late in the second period courtesy of T.Bozinakis. Apart-from that, the HBHA Masters saw their offense remain dry. With game one out of the way, the challenge for the Punishers will be to do the same which might not be easy against a side that has the body count and experience to bounce back.

Poised HBHA Masters 37+ live another day

(5)HBHA Masters 37+ vs Punishers (1) Game 2

After sitting out in their previous match, C.Stavriadis felt the pressure to help rebound his team in the series. The good news was that Stavriadis was adamant that he would do so to force a third and deciding game. However, he did need some help up front after his club scored all but one goal so far. This time, the HBHA Masters found their touch torching N.Mackeen with three first period goals to finally get some control in the series. J.Bolanakis once again came through in time of need riffling his clubs first two goals of the contest. By grabbing a 3-1 lead after only fifteen minutes, the HBHA Masters beared down and made things extremely difficult for the Punishers. Just like the HBHA Masters were stuck finding ways to score in the previous match, the Punishers felt that same helpless feeling. Still, nothing was official after this contest, but perhaps the momentum may have favoured the HBHA Masters heading into game three.

A.Stamiris breaks Punishers hearts in sudden death overtime, HBHA Masters 37+ crowned winners

(1)Punishers vs HBHA Masters 37+(2) Game 3

Game three's are always hard to win. They become even harder when two very good teams face off against one another. But that's the situation that the Punishers and the HBHA Masters 37 + put themselves in. With the pressure being too great, and with the ball being round for the two teams, anything can happen at any point, especially in a sudden death period. For A.Stamiris, the dream of scoring the game winner came true. The d-man found himself rushing down his off wing to riffle perhaps his most important wrist shot that ultimately decided the series. The game was played cautious with both teams trading one goal apiece. Neither side was concerned with the goaltenders as they have been relied on throughout the series. Anytime these situations occur, anything can happen. What makes this victory even more gratifying is that the HBHA Masters dragged themselves out of a couple difficult moments, dating back to last week's semi final match with the Fat Cats. In addition to everything they have achieved so far, this is a first good step heading into the World Masters championships held in Bermuda. Preparation often comes into play with success. J.Kontitsis, had his plate full making plenty of key decisions considering how many players he had under his wing. On behalf of, congratulations go out to the captain, his assistants, and the rest of the HBHA Masters 37+ for getting it done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Andrew Stamiris of the HBHA Masters 37+. When looking back at how epic this battle was between two rivals, everyone will continue to remember A.Stamiris's overtime goal that determined the series.