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Recent Events

The Hellenic Ball Hockey Association and our whole Greek Family is deeply saddened by the recent events both here in Canada and back home in Greece.

The first tragedy was the recent shootings at Toronto`s vibrant and important Danforth Greek District where 10 year old Julianna Kozis 10 and Reese Fallon 18 lost their lives.

CTV News 
on Tuesday

Tributes to the victims of the deadly mass shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood showed up across the city. Local residents gathered at vigils, the CN Tower lit up in the colours of the Greek flag, and moments of silence were held at Queen's Park, and at last night's Blue Jays game


Athens- Back home the number of deaths from the worst forest fires in Greece for more than a decade has risen to 80 as rescue workers intensified efforts to locate those who had gone missing.

We are very sad about these recent events. We feel for all those who have lost their lives, family members, friends and homes .

Our deepest condolences,



Košice, Slovakia, to host 2019 Worlds !

The city of Košice, Slovakia, will host the 2019 ISBHF World Championships. From June 14th to 22nd, the fans will witness what promises to be another fascinating festival of ball hockey

ISBHF President George Gortsos said: ‘Coming off the excellence, electric passion and success of our past ISBHF World Championships, I am proud that the ISBHF family and our caravan of nations are gathering once again – bringing players, coaches, support staff, referees and many fans to beautiful Slovakia and the city of Košice for our 13th ISBHF World Championship.’

The Steel Arena, with a capacity of 8,347, is a magnificent venue and will serve as a stage for some of the greatest moments in ball hockey history.

The ISBHF sincerely thanks the Slovak Ball Hockey Union and Košice for hosting the tournament.

‘We look forward to seeing our many nations in Košice. And I can tell you, they are all preparing as of this moment and are very excited to be coming to the beautiful city. On behalf of all our nations, we thank the Slovak Ball Hockey Union and the city of Košice for hosting our large contingent one year from this date,’  Gortsos concluded.

Follow the Košice 2019 website – – and see you in Slovakia in 365 days!