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2018 Masters in Bermuda is fast approaching !

In slightly over one month the best ball hockey nations will be sending their teams to compete at the ISBHF World Masters Championships, and Team Greece will be one of those teams.

Bermuda is the beautiful location where the battle to be crowned world champs will take place. 

 The tournament takes place every 2 years and this one will be held between Sept 26-30th 2018. This tournament is only for players over 40+ years old.

 We look forward to such a prestigious tournament and competing against some of the best masters players in the world. The tournament has come a long way. At first it was just a chance for former players that attended the men`s world championships to once again have a chance and play against former rivals, but since 2012 it’s been growing in popularity and right now is probably the 2nd biggest tournament. Its now better and tougher and the skill level is at an all-time high.

Below is the full team Greece 2018 roster :

Goalies: Kosta Stavriadis, Eric Spiridonakos Parent

Defencemen: John Kontitsis, Kirk Koutsogiannopoulos,Paul Barbas, Terry Sotirakos, Andrew Stamiris, Dino Tzimopoulos,

Forwards: Tasso Bozinakis, Stefanos Govas, Petro Doulis, Lee Williams, John Bolonakis, Pat Lapointe Tanos, Jimmy Pantelas, George Vouloumanos, Tony Angelis, Peter Karigiannis, Mike Pololos

Head Coach: Peter Chiotis

Assistant Coach: Costa Zafiropoulos



Recent Events

The Hellenic Ball Hockey Association and our whole Greek Family is deeply saddened by the recent events both here in Canada and back home in Greece.

The first tragedy was the recent shootings at Toronto`s vibrant and important Danforth Greek District where 10 year old Julianna Kozis 10 and Reese Fallon 18 lost their lives.

CTV News 
on Tuesday

Tributes to the victims of the deadly mass shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood showed up across the city. Local residents gathered at vigils, the CN Tower lit up in the colours of the Greek flag, and moments of silence were held at Queen's Park, and at last night's Blue Jays game


Athens- Back home the number of deaths from the worst forest fires in Greece for more than a decade has risen to 80 as rescue workers intensified efforts to locate those who had gone missing.

We are very sad about these recent events. We feel for all those who have lost their lives, family members, friends and homes .

Our deepest condolences,