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I'm all in!

The HBHA hosted it's second fund raiser in the form of a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament this past weekend (January 30th) and it was a great success all the way through. The feedback was very positive from all the participants and we would like to thank them for coming out to support us. We really appreciate everyone's time and efforts,
this kind of commitment from our supporters will bring about success.

A special thanks to La Corporation Cadillac Fairview Limitee for allowing us to host our event in their venue and also, Baton Rouge Anjou for supplying with snacks, drinks and a charming staff!

We would also like to thank Patrick Girard for handling the Poker tournament logistics and all the volunteers that dedicated their time towards this event.

Please continue to visit the site frequently as we will soon be posting details about our next fund raising event in Toronto, Canada. This event will be a social night with food, drinks and dancing!

See below the list of top 10 finalists of the night and also a few pictures taken during the night.

1. Tony Ciarlo ($3,250)
2. Mike Havitov ($3,250)
3. Paolo Moreira ($1,000)
4. Stas Katsiaras ($800)
5. Peter Papadakos ($600)
6. Spiro Bekiaris ($500)
7. Ugo Rolo ($350 + VIP tickets to Montreal Junior with VIP parking pass)
8. Daniel Dibartolomeo (Saku Koivu official jersey signed + free oil change and resto pass)
9. N/A (Alex Kovalev official signed jersey)
10. Mani Doulis (Chris Higgins official signed jersey)


Results Nov 15th & 16th: GRE 5 - ITA 4 // GRE 2 - POR 3

The team had it's first real test the weekend of November 15th & 16th as they faced off against some of the better ball hockey nations in the world, Italy and Portugal, ranked 5th and 4th respectively. The team passed with top grades as they went 1 - 1, beating Italy 5 - 4 and losing to Portugal 3 - 2. Previous to these two games, the players only took part in team practices and scrimmages, it was the first challenge they tackled as a team.

The first of the two games was played on Saturday (Nov. 15th) versus a tough and agile Italian squad. It was a nervous start for the team, as they struggled to sustain any kind of offensive pressure in the first period. While on the powerplay they opened the mark and this seemed to calm the troups and give them wings for the second period as they dominated most of the play. The game was a bit of a see saw battle as they exchanged leads with the Italians throughout the game. But they showed real character and determination to win as at one point the Italians scored two quick goals, less that two minutes apart, to take the lead 4-3 early in the third. The team battled back to tie it up and finished the game by scoring the deciding goal with under a minute remaining in the third period. It was solid performance in the end although they struggled to play even strength in the early goings of the game.

Some adjustments were made for the next game, played Sunday Nov 16th, as they faced off with a much quicker and stronger team in Portugal. This is a team that moves the ball very quickly and utilizes an accurate passing game to execute quick counter attacks from their own zone. Greece played very well positionally and used it's speed and size to force the play deep in the opposing zone. They did a very good job in clogging up the neutral zone which eliminated much of Portugal's speed. In the end, Portugal's experience and excellent team play was the determining factor as they beat out Greece 3 - 2, which also gave up two powerplay goals in this game. It was a great game nonetheless and they look forward to the next challenge.

Overall the team held their own against some of the top teams in the world and they can be proud of a great weekend of hockey. They have a lot to learn as a team trying to gel together but still, they are on the right track with competent personnel behind the scenes.

Keep watch of our news and calendar of events as we will be announcing futur dates for team practices and exhibtion games (the date/time and arena locations will be posted on the site - our apologies that this information was missing for the previous event). Note that there are talks with Team Canada for a friendly after the new year.