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HBHA representation in Greece

The HBHA is extremely proud and excited to announce that Jimmy Malamas of Thessaloniki, Greece is the new Vice-President of the Association. This is great news for Greek Ball Hockey and the association alike.

Quoting the president of the association, George Kosmas, "In the short time we have worked together he, Mr. Malamas, has proven his true love of the game. We strongly believe in the abilities of Mr..Malamas and that the addition of such a classy individual will strengthen our program and the future of ball hockey for Greece. Mr..Malamas helped bring ball hockey to Greece and established a league which began play in October of 2008. Together we will show the world that ball hockey can exist in Greece and that the HBHA will play a major role in the expansion of the sport globally".

Mr. Malamas had this to say in return, "I am very happy to be part of the HBHA, as I am excited and enthusiastic for this new program we started here in Greece. It's really great to be part of history and my work here has just began. It will require many hours and sacrifices but nobody is better prepared for the task. I personally would like to thank Mr. George Kosmas and John Kontitsis for the trust and confidence they have shown in me, they can rest assured that the program is in good hands and that they have made the right decision."

Last week the first ever ball hockey game was played in Greece (see related article below).

With this new addition to the team, the HBHA is also announcing changes to its Committee (see committee page):

George Kosmas has been named President of the association, while John Kontitsis and Jimmy Malamas have each been named Vice-President's. George Vouloumanos has been named Treasurer, while George Kamvosoulis, Alkie Zisidis and John Liosis will represent their respected provinces (in Canada).


The BALL drops in Greece!

Thessaloniki, Greece. The first ever official ball hockey game was played last night in Greece!

The newly founded Greek ball hockey league is officially under way and the first ball drop at center rink came yesterday, September 30th, as Aris faced off with Iraklis. This was a historic day, and an exciting moment for the players and organizers alike. Adding to this special event, was the first goal to be scored which came from the stick of the league's very own vice-president, Dimitris Malamas!

Both, the president and vice-president of the new Greek ball hockey league, were present for this special moment in Greek history. Dimitris Malamas was on the floor as the ball was dropped, he is the captain for Aris. In the leauges first game, his team recorded the first victory as they beat out Iraklis 6 to 1. The turnout was very good with expectations of more players being added to the team rosters going forward.

Currently, the league is a two team league (Aris & Iraklis) with the idea of expansion as early as next year. The schedule for the regular season has been released and regular season games will extend until May (see below for link to schedule and results).

Stay tuned as more news will be coming from Greece relating to the progress of the league and also, results of the games will be posted on the site. Video footage of the games will also be available shortly!