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HBHA announces the final roster for TEAM GREECE 


The HBHA is proud to announce it's final roster for the 2009 World Championships being held in Pilsen of the Czech Republic. The tournament takes place between June 13th and June 20th. The players representing Team Greece have been selected out of the evaluation camps held in Montreal and Toronto.

Below is the complete list of players that were selected as part of the final roster for TEAM GREECE. These are the players that will participate in the 2009 World Championships.

TEAM GREECE 2009 Edition

Dimitrios Papastergiou
Alex Bovoletis
Angelo Stavrianos
William Trougakos
George Tsakalos
Mario Argiris
Vassilios Kamisis
Andrew Stamiris
Athanasios Kipopoulos
George Vouloumanos
Nick Fudas
John Kontitsis
Tasso Bozinakis
Steve Zervidakis
Steve Govas
Terry Sotirakos
Andrew Moshonas
John Bolonakis
Billy Vassilakis
Theodoros Vassilakos
Greg Maleganeas
John Demos
Fotios Moshonas
Alex Liakopoulos
John Liosis

Les Immeubles Kronos, lending a helping hand!

Les Immeubles Kronos Inc, has been announced as the first major sponsor of the HBHA.

President Peter Strifas personally handed his cheque of $5000 to HBHA Co-President John Kontitsis. "It is a pleasure to lend a helping hand to a young association of Greek Athletes, and we wish them all the luck next year in the World Championships"

Co-President John Kontitsis said in return: "We are extremely thankful to Mr.Strifas and his Real Estate agency. It is nice to see that such a reputable company believe in our vision and the goals we have in mind. We are very appreciative and we hope other Greek businessmen will follow their lead"

The HBHA requires approximately $70 000 in order to send the team to the Czech Republic in June 2009 to represent Greece at the World Ball Hockey Championships. This includes costs for flights, accommodations, equipment, transportation etc.

Anyone interested in sponsoring our program can visit our sponsorhip section for more information or contact any one of our representatives to review our packages.